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I am currently taking clients via telehealth only.

Child & Adolescent Therapy: Hours

Child & Adolescent Psychology

Child Therapy

Dr. Green's experience, along with her disarming style, makes her an ideal and effective therapist for young children. Whether or not they are aware that they are in a therapeutic setting, children find themselves comfortable and welcome into her practice. Dr. Green incorporates research-supported interventions to implement effective strategies with children.

Adolescent Therapy

Dr. Green's warm and amiable nature supports even the most oppositional teens in opening up to the vulnerability of a therapeutic relationship. She uses this foundation to help the teen take responsibility, consider alternatives, and make positive change in their lives. Dr. Green often focuses on how body image influences behavior, emotions, self-esteem, eating habits, and relationships. She specializes in the impact of peer pressure, athletic involvement, and media on a girl's feelings and (mis)conceptions about herself.

Child & Adolescent Therapy: Services
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